Should You Outsource?

Why More and More Companies are Outsourcing Their Bookkeeping Needs:

  • Reduced overhead
  • Freeing up valuable time
  • Reduced payroll
  • Improved efficiency
  • Access to specialized skills
  • Reduction in manpower and training costs
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved speed and service
  • Reliability and innovation
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

What is the true cost of a full-time bookkeeper?

Full-Time Bookkeeper

Dove Bookkeeping Service

Training (annually)



Wages (based on $15.00/hour)



FICA Taxes (Employer Contribution)



Federal Unemployment (withheld at minimum rate)



State Unemployment (withheld at minimum rate)



Maintaining Employee Work Space



Office Equipment for Employee



Other Employee Benefits (insurance, vacation, etc.)



Annual Cost






**This table is provided only as an example; actual costs may vary depending on specific needs.

Small business owners are discovering that outsourcing their bookkeeping to Dove Bookkeeping Service saves payroll, overhead cost, and it’s a big step in freeing up valuable time. For many owners, just the effort of hiring, training and managing a bookkeeper can take as much as 5 hours a week, and if you’re doing the books yourself the numbers are even worse.

As a business owner your time is best spent doing what you do best — working with customers. When you’re trying to do it all, bookkeeping usually takes a backseat to other business. Then you find yourself scrambling and rushing to catch up. This is when outsourcing comes at your rescue. Outsourcing these services will not only save your time and money, but outsourcing is meant to relieve business owners from the pressures of being overloaded with work.

A generally accepted rule in business is to focus resources on tasks that add value to the customer relationship. Time spent on bookkeeping problems add little or no value to your customer relationship. Yet, books that are inaccurate or do not reflect the true health of your business can be detrimental to your business.

Since accounting is not one of your core competencies, it may make sense, operationally and economically, to outsource your bookkeeping needs. By turning over business processes to companies that consider these tasks their core competency, businesses are able to become more profitable, more efficient and far more competitive by focusing on the tasks that are most important.

Bookkeeping is more than just data entry. Bookkeeping involves handling of the financial records, business revenue, profits and losses incurred by the company and various other expenses. Being clueless at any level about where you are making money or who is a good customer is not being in control. Cash flow in itself isn’t the problem, but it is a symptom of other problems. Dove Bookkeeping Service can provide the answers and you will end up with more control of your business.
In fact, you will be able to handle your small business with much more efficiency.

Particularly for small and medium-sized businesses, keeping a bookkeeper on staff is not always a wise use of funds or the best way to keep your books error-free. Dove Bookkeeping Service can give you more financial peace of mind for less. By outsourcing you solve the problem of hiring, there is no additional overhead, management, hiring or training cost when using Dove Bookkeeping Service. The overall annual savings can be up to 50%.Good bookkeepers with knowledge of accounting software are hard to hire, expensive to keep and in some cases difficult to manage.

Outsourcing doesn’t mean that you give up control of your books, it means that your company has an extension that specializes in bookkeeping. We work with your company as if we were a part of your company. In a properly designed system a bookkeeping service only takes over the process of tracking transactions such as sales, accounts payable and balancing the books, but only the business owner makes management decisions. With Dove Bookkeeping Service, the client has the final word on who gets paid and when.

All bookkeepers at Dove Bookkeeping Service are certified, professional, highly experienced, and all are employees of Dove Bookkeeping Service. We don’t use contractors, so you know your bookkeeper is here in the United States.
With Dove Bookkeeping Service, your monthly cost is calculated to your exact needs. We base your cost on the volume of your transactions and the overall complexity of your business. You’ll see a clear savings and a clean and simple solution to your bookkeeping needs. The volume of bookkeeping work varies during the year for many businesses; meanwhile, the payroll taxes, insurance benefits, vacation days, sick days, and retirement benefits continue with an on-site bookkeeper. Just as important, we can adjust our level of service to your unique business picture.

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