Point of Sale Retail Management


What is QuickBooks* Point of Sale?

Point of Sale is a retail management software designed specifically for retailers.

Why should I choose QuickBooks* Point of Sale?

There are many reasons to choose Point of Sale to manage your inventory and customers such as: easy inventory management, real-time sales data and tracking, works with QuickBooks* Financial software, built-in credit and debit card processing, gift card service, customizable reports, email, track commissions, layaway sales tracking, order tracking, view inventory with size/color/style grid, track inventory assemblies, multiple store data in one company file, multi-store reporting and inventory transfer, and much, much more! Join the more than 50,000 independent retailers who use QuickBooks* Point of Sale to run manage their retail stores!

1. Point of Sale works with your QuickBooks* financial software! This significantly reduces your workload by transferring your sales activities to your QuickBooks financial software with just one click!

2. Inventory Control. As you ring-up sales, inventory data is recorded and stored. You always have accurate, real-time information available at your fingertips! Know which products are your hottest sellers, what’s available for sale, and what needs to be reordered.

3. Improve your pricing and increase your profits! Point of Sale helps you get the most from your pricing strategy. You can easily customize product pricing to accurately calculate discount items, markups, and markdowns.

4. Build stronger customer relationships. Point of Sale tells you who your best customers are, what they buy, and how to keep in touch with them. You can even generate mailing labels and lists, or assign a special discount to your best customers.

5. Generate insightful reports to make better business decisions. Point of Sale creates reports that will help you determine your optimal business hours to determine correct staffing levels, track your best and worst selling items, and gain critical information from store close reports.

6. Ring up more sales quickly and accurately! Accurately ring up cash, check, debit and credit card, and gift card, and store account transactions. Add a barcode scanner for even faster service and better accuracy.

7. Built-in hardware and software compatibility. Point of Sale offers a complete bundle package that includes software, cash drawer, bar code scanner, card reader, and receipt printer.

8. Easy to set up, learn, and use! Point of Sale includes built in tutorials, practice files, and 30 days of unlimited phone support at no extra charge! Also available are Certified Point of Sale ProAdvisors who specialize in Point of Sale software.

9. Created by Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks. Point of Sale is backed by more than 17 years of experience, detailed research, a commitment to quality, and an unwavering dedication to customers.

10. A professional system at an affordable price. Point of Sale gives you the same power and functionality that the major retailers have at a fraction of the price–starting at just $1,499 for the complete hardware and software bundle package. You can afford to present a professional image to your customers while saving your hard-earned dollars.


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