Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why do I get your voice mail when I call?

Ours is a unique service in which we spend a lot of time in the field, so we’re not always in the office. We do carry cell phones so that we are in frequent contact with the office, but our policy is that when we are with a client, that client deserves 100% of our time and attention. We’re very aware that the client we are with is paying for our time, and it wouldn’t be fair to interrupt our meeting with phone calls. Please remember, you will get the same individualized attention when we are working with you.

We do check our messages as frequently as possible, and we will return your call on the same business day if at all possible. If we can’t return your call on the same day, I guarantee you that it will be returned the next morning.

2. What services come with the monthly plan?

We reconcile bank and credit card statements. We take care of any payroll and sales tax liabilities that need attention. We provide a monthly review of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows and verify reasonableness and agreement. We print the Trial Balance and verify that the numbers agree. We scan the General Ledger to detect errors and unusual entries. We verify debit and credit postings. We verify Beginning and End of Period Balances. We scan the Audit Trail Report for changed or deleted transactions that may need attention. We also review the General Journal Entries. We make adjusting Journal Entries for you.

3. What services are available on the year-end plan?

There are several tasks that need to be done at year end to prepare for closing the books and taxes. We’ll set your closing date for you. We’ll work with your accountant to determine a set of year-end activities that need to be done and prepare your QuickBooks file for your accountant. We’ll work with your accountant to make sure they have everything they need to prepare your taxes. We’ll close the books and clean up your company data file. We’ll then verify that the year end profit or loss is transferred to the Retained Earnings Account and get you started on the new year. We do everything we can to make tax season as painless as possible for you! Remember, year-end closing is a free service to clients who have been on our monthly plan throughout the previous year.

4. I need special services that I don’t see listed, can you provide them?

If it is at all possible, we’ll provide any service that you need at a reasonable cost. We have tried to think of every way we can make your bookkeeping as easy as possible, if you need something that you haven’t seen here, just let us know!

5. Do you charge extra if I need my services after regular business hours?

No, we realize that bookkeeping is only one aspect of a business owner’s responsibilities, and we know that you need to focus your attention on your business during business hours. Our fees are the same during business hours, after business hours, and even on weekends.

Applicant Screening

1. I need to hire a full-time bookkeeper, but I want to be sure I choose the right person. Can you help?

Absolutely! We can provide testing of your applicants to be sure that they have the skills that your business depends on. We use a real-life file to test an applicant’s skills, and we provide you a confidential report of each applicant’s skill level.

2. What do I need to provide for testing?

Just the applicant.


1. I would like to learn QuickBooks, but I don’t have the program. Can you help?

Yes! When we provide training we bring our computer with the latest editions of QuickBooks loaded with a company file. We use that file to demonstrate and teach you how to use QuickBooks.

2. Are you sure I can learn to use QuickBooks?

Definitely! QuickBooks is a very user-friendly program. While an accounting background is useful, you can still learn to operate QuickBooks without an accounting background. Anyone can learn if they are open and willing to try.

3. I don’t want to spend weeks in a course, but I want to use QuickBooks effectively in my business. How can you help?

QuickBooks is a very powerful program designed to meet the needs of small business owners. Because each business is as individual as it’s owner, we tailor our training to meet individual needs. For example, a service-bases business isn’t too concerned about learning inventory so we won’t spend a lot of time teaching you inventory. By the same token, a business that depends on inventory is very interested in using the inventory features to their maximum potential, so we focus on that for them.

4. How long does training take?

That depends on several factors such as how many of the features you want to utilize, how quickly you catch on, and how much you want to learn. As I’ve said before, QuickBooks is a very powerful program and you can take it just about as far as you want.

5. Why should I choose your training?

We feel that we have several key reasons why our training is a good choice.

  • We tailor our training to suit your needs.
  • We teach interactively. You’re not just seeing the training, you’re participating in it.
  • Because our training is individualized, we can spend more time focusing on your weak areas and while reinforcing your strong areas.
  • We provide real-life situations similar to what you will experience in your daily use of QuickBooks for you to practice on. We believe experience is the best teacher!
  • We believe that our success depends on the success of our clients, so we have a vested interest in helping you succeed.
  • We have the latest editions of QuickBooks available.

6. Do you provide employee training in the work setting?

Yes, we do! We’ll provide training to your employees based on your requirements. You can have as many employees sit in on the training session as you’d like at no extra charge.

Operating QuickBooks

1. I enjoy doing the daily work with QuickBooks, but I don’t want to deal with closing the books, verifying data, running reports, or paying tax liabilities. Can I do the daily work and have you come in once-a-month to take care of the ‘big stuff?’

Absolutely! We offer a variety of services that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. If you need us on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, we’re available to help you meet your needs.

2. Do I have to sign a contract?

No. We use letters of engagement that are simply an agreement between you and Dove Bookkeeping that spell out the needs and expectations of both parties. We simply want to be sure that everyone is clear on what we’re going to do.

3. Why do you ask so many questions? I just want to get started using QuickBooks.

I understand your excitement! I get very excited when I see a company ‘come to life’ in QuickBooks. The best way to use QuickBooks effectively is to have everything in place so that the money- and time- saving features are in place and ready to work for you. To do that, you need to get started on the right foot, and that means putting in quite a bit of information. Remember, once it’s in, it stays in, just waiting for you to use it.

4. Why do you like me to be there while you’re setting up QuickBooks?

I want all of my clients to feel comfortable maneuvering in QuickBooks. Even when we handle your bookkeeping completely, there may be times when you need to add something, retrieve something, or look something up when I’m not available.

5. I like knowing how much I’ll be spending for bookkeeping services, but with hourly fees the price varies. Can I be put on a monthly fee?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage just that so we offer special discounts for our clients who are on a flat-fee basis.

6. How do you decide how much the monthly fee will be?

Once we know the depth of your bookkeeping needs, we can determine a monthly fee that is fair and equitable to both parties.

7. How often should I backup my QuickBooks file?

Intuit recommends backing up your company file every day. In addition to the daily backup, it is also recommended that at the end of every month you make a backup copy of your file to store offsite. It is also recommended that you also make a copy of your files for the entire year at the end of the year and also store this backup offsite.

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